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CEO`s greeting Donghae Engineering & Trading Co., Ltd.
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the Donghae E&T

Donghae E&T Corporations is a comprehensive engineering company that is recognized in its world class engineering capability and highly experienced in the fields of shipbuilding, industrial plant, offshore, oil & gas, chemical engineering. In order to continuously satisfy our customers and develop as a beloved company, Donghae E&T consistently endeavors on improving and systemizing on its technology as well as securing and cultivating talents to gain competitiveness and provide high quality service.

Recently, we have been actively involved in environment-related fields and have been concentrating our corporate capabilities as a leading company in creating a clean world that will pass on to our descendants.

In addition, we provide excellent quality, competitive price, prompt delivery, and also have partnerships with leading producers and distributors for various piping materials.

As an eco-friendly company and challenging company, Donghae E&T will do its best to realize true customer satisfaction. And I would like to imagine Donghae E&T that grows and develops by eating the interest and love of our customers.

Thank you very much.

CEO. Jin-Young (Robert) Kim