Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (the "Policy") explains the information
which is provided or collected in the course of using the applications of the Company.

개인정보 처리방침

Through this Policy, the Company regards personal information of the users as important and inform them of the purpose and method of Company's using the personal information provided by the users and the measures taken by the Company for protection of those personal information.

This Policy will be effective on the 25 day of 7, 2018 and, in case of modification thereof, the Company will make public notice of it through posting it on the bulletin board of Company's website or individual notice through sending mails, fax or e-mails). 

1. Information to be collected and method of collection 

(1) Personal information items to be collected Personal information items to be collected by the Company are as follows: 

• Information provided by the users 

The Company may collect the information directly provided by the users. 

(2) Method of collection 

The Company collects the information of users in a way of the followings: 

• webpage

2. Use of collected information

The Company uses the collected information of users for the following purposes:

• To detect and deter unauthorized or fraudulent use of or abuse of the Service

• Request of Quotation

3. Period for retention and use of personal information

In principle, the Company destructs personal information of users without delay when: the purpose of its collection and use has been achieved; the legal or management needs are satisfied; or users request 

4. Procedure and method of destruction of personal information 

In principle, the Company destructs the information immediately after the purposes of its collection and use have been achieved without delay: Provided that, if any information is to be retained as required by relevant laws and regulations, the Company retain it for the period as required by those laws and regulations before destruction and, in such event, the personal information which is stored and managed separately will never be used for other purposes. The Company destructs: hard copies of personal information by shredding with a pulverizer or incinerating it; and delete personal information stored in the form of electric file by using technological method making that information not restored.

5. Sharing collected information

Except for the following cases, the Company will not share personal information with a 3rd party:

• when the Company shares the information with its affiliates, partners and service providers;

• when the users consent the sharing in advance;

• when the sharing is required by the laws

6. Consignment of collected personal information

The company will not entrust your information to outside companies without your consent. In the event that such a need arises in the future, we will notify you of the entrusted person and the details of the entrusted business, and will receive prior consent, if necessary.

7. Protection of personal information of children

In principle, the Company does not collect any information from the children under 13 or equivalent minimum age as prescribed in the laws in relevant jurisdiction. The website, products and services of the Company are the ones to be provided to ordinary people, in principle. The website or application of the Company has function to do age limit so that children cannot use it and the Company does not intentionally collect any personal information from children through that function.

8. Matters concerning the installation, operation and rejection of the automatic collection device of personal information

We do not operate a device that collects automatically generated personal information when using internet services such as cookies.

9. Responsible department of Company
The Company designates the following department and person in charge of personal information in order to protect personal information of customers and deal with complaints from customers:

• Department responsible for privacy protection and customer 

  Service : Technical & Business Department

  Address : 188, Yeompo-ro, Buk-gu, Ulsan, Republic of Korea

  Tel : 052-288-4111

  E-mail :